Heather Mac Donald: ‘The reckless push to defund police is based on a lie’

Heather Mac Donald: ‘The reckless push to defund police is based on a lie’

juin 30, 2020 0 Par admin

Manhattan Institute Fellow Heather Mac Donald said on Tuesday that Black Lives Matter is not only dangerous, but it is also based on a lie that the police are systemically racist.

“The police are not systemically racist. They are the government agency that cares most about saving black lives” Mac Donald told “The Daily Briefing.”

“I have never been to a police-community meeting in a high crime minority neighborhood, whether it is in Harlem or on the Southside of Chicago, where I do not hear those good people of the community, the store owners, the community begging for more police and not less,” Mac Donald said.


As unrest over the death of George Floyd and racial inequality in general reverberates across the United States, local politicians are facing an intense new wave of pressure from protesters demanding police budget cuts as they attempt to balance keeping order in their cities and enacting reforms.

In the latest development, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is grappling with protesters who refuse to leave an encampment in front of New York’s City Hall, as they demand $1 billion be cut from the police department’s budget. The department’s budget is about $6 billion, and the city has a July 1 budget deadline.

“The #DefundNYPD for #NYCBudgetJustice campaign is demanding at least $1 billion dollars be cut from the NYPD’s budget — and this money must be reinvested for services, programs and infrastructure that directly benefits Black, Latinx and other communities of color most devastated by COVID-19,” the website for Communities United for Police Reform says.


Mac Donald said people in high crime inner cities who call for more police understand that, considering the breakdown of the family, the police is the only institution standing between them and anarchy.

“This movement is extraordinarily reckless,” Mac Donald added. “That it is getting any attention from the nation’s leaders and political elites is a scandal. And it shows, yet again, that the Black Lives Matter movement is utter hypocrisy. It does not give a damn about black lives because, if it did, it would not seek to make illegitimate every essential institution of American law enforcement, whether it is the police, whether it is prosecutors, whether it is judges. The victims are going to be initially overwhelmingly minorities.”