Jon Stewart Slams Donald Trump After He Re-Tweets ‘White Power’ Clip!

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The current POTUS continues to be as controversial as possible, this time around taking to his go-to social media platform to re-tweet a white power video! Jon Stewart was one of the many who slammed Donald Trump for his blatant racism and he also took this opportunity to warn his followers what 4 more years of presidency could cause if Donald Trump were to be reelected for a second term.

Jon dragged Trump, calling him the ‘greatest agent of chaos’ in the country, amongst other things.

The former Daily Show host mentioned that his terrible and extremely harmful response to the COVID-19 pandemic is only one of his many shortcomings.

The thought that he might get re-elected this fall is ‘bananas,’ after all he’s done and said, Jon pointed out.

This was a response to Trump re-tweeting a clip of counter protesters yelling at BLM protesters in Florida.

At some point, someone who goes by in a gold cart yells ‘white power’ at the demonstrators.

After backlash, Donald decided to take the tweet down, arguing that he had not heard that part but many, including Jon, did not believe him.

He even joked that he probably hears ‘white power’ all the time. So he thinks it’s coming from somewhere else. It’s like Muzak.’

‘This is going to be the single most divisive campaign we’ve ever seen. He’s going to be [unclear] Nixon. He’s going to be all fear mongering. You see it right now. He’s going to be sitting in his basement tweeting out trolling videos. That’s just how it’s going to be. I just feel like we’re in such pain. There’s so much anguish… I think with Biden, he’s faced great hardship and grief.’



‘I think grief humbles a person, and there’s no artifice to that. I think we need a leader right now of humility. We certainly have the antithesis of that [with Trump],’ Jon also shared his opinion on the upcoming election.

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