PM and premier trade swipes over coronavirus border opening

PM and premier trade swipes over coronavirus border opening

juin 30, 2020 0 Par admin

The Prime Minister and Queensland Premier have taken swipes at each other over the opening of the sunshine state’s borders.

Scott Morrison said it was never advised nationally to close states, while Annastacia Palaszczuk said she took medical advice on the issue and successfully protected Queensland.

Yesterday she announced she would finally reopen the state – except to Victorians- on July 10.

“I have clear advice. It has stood Queensland in very good stead,” she said.

“We have had zero cases now for many, many days, and we have very few deaths, thank goodness, still we’ve had tragically some people that have died.

“We are in such a good position, that’s because of the health advice that the Chief Health Officer Dr Young has given me and I’m taking her advice.”

Mr Morrison blamed the upcoming election in Queensland for the tense words, telling Today he’s “not surprised the political rhetoric is ramping up,” adding he made similar comments on the changes in borders in South Australia.

“I think you can file that under a Queensland election,” he said.