Streets divided in postcode lockdown

Streets divided in postcode lockdown

juillet 1, 2020 0 Par admin
The postcode restrictions set to come into place across 36 suburbs in Melbourne’s north and north-west have left some streets divided, with some residents forced into lockdown on one side of the road, while other households just metres away escape the harsh measures.

From midnight, more than 300,000 residents will go into lockdown, with stage three restrictions coming into effect until at least July 29 across 10 postcodes.

Streets divided as parts of Melbourne lockdown. (Nine)

Residents in the restricted areas will not be allowed to leave their homes unless it is for the four reasons permitted under the Chief Health Officer’s directives being: shopping/supplies, compassionate reasons, exercise, and work and study if it can’t be done from home.

Meanwhile, over the border – which in some cases is just next door – different rules apply.

Moreland Road in Brunswick has dodged restrictions, however once Moreland Road enters Brunswick West, the street then enters lockdown territory.

Similarly, Albion Street avoids lockdown in Essendon and Brunswick, but cops the restrictions again in Brunswick West.

Part of South Street evades restrictions in Pascoe Vale, but the section of the street in Hadfield falls into lockdown.

A graph of the Melbourne postcodes to go into lockdown. (Nine)

Businesses inside the restricted area, including restaurants, cafes, gyms, beauty salons, will also have to comply with the stage three restrictions.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the boundaries may be “inconvenient” but they had to been drawn somewhere in order for the lockdown to operate.

“Let’s be very clear about this, the decisions about where these lockdowns would be applied is a matter of public health,” Mr Andrews said.

“It’s not as if I sat down with a map and drew these boundaries. They have been drawn by our public health experts based on data.

“Whenever you draw a line on a map there will always be people on either side of it and anomalies and issues that come from that.”

Mr Andrews reiterated the restrictions were a “legally enforceable lockdown”, where individuals could face fines of $1652 and businesses with hefty maximum fines of $100,000 if rules were flouted.

He said there was no excuse for residents being confused about the postcode-specific lockdowns.

“People know which postcode they live in,” he said.

“There can be no confusion about that.”