Three ‘weapons’ used to fight Victoria’s virus outbreak

juillet 1, 2020 0 Par admin

Acting Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly has outlined the “three weapons” the federal government is using in the battle against coronavirus.

Mr Kelly said the three approaches to limiting the spread of COVID-19 were formulated by health authorities during an earlier outbreak that occurred in north-western Tasmania.

“This is being led by science. There’s science in the laboratory, there’s science in the epidemiology,” he told reporters.

“This lockdown in those areas of Melbourne is an approach similar to what we did in north-western Tasmania on the basis of where the cases are, how they are being transmitted and the risk that poses to the wider community, not only in Melbourne, not only in Victoria but the whole of the country.

“Continuing that very close door-to-door surveillance and door-to-door testing as well as the other measures that were announced yesterday to get on top of this problem at the source.

“Going hard and quickly was important, we looked at the three main weapons that we have to fight this virus in the absence of a vaccine and the absence of a universally effective treatment. What are they? Test, trace and isolate.”

Mr Kelly said 20,000 coronavirus tests were conducted in Victoria alone, more than 1000 health staff are working on contact tracing for anyone suspected of having COVID-19 and those efforts will be bolstered by Melbourne’s 10 lockdown regions, to come into effect from midnight tonight.