‘Yikes’: Large snake catches suburb off guard

‘Yikes’: Large snake catches suburb off guard

juillet 1, 2020 0 Par admin

The four-metre serpent – believed to be a scrub python – was snapped in Parramatta Park, Cairns, overnight.

The image of the snake drummed up a lot of interest online, but some locals weren’t all that surprised by the “classic Cairns” encounter.

“Pretty common for snakes to go through the suburbs,” one person commented on Facebook.

“Yikes … snakes on a plane … now snakes in the city …coming to a street near you,” another remarked.

“Snakes one day, crocs the next,” someone else commented, mirroring the state’s famous “beautiful one day, perfect the next” slogan.

While others jokingly speculated what the scaly traveller’s destination might be.

“Looking for toilet paper,” one person said.

“Just taking a midnight stroll,” said another.